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GateMate™ FPGA Evaluation Board

It serves as a reference design and for a direct entry into application development. User applications can be tailored to each of the six available I/O banks. Attaching additional hardware is a breeze thanks to the Pmod connectors: They allow access to a variety of peripheral boards, including motor controllers, sensors, displays, and more.

GateMate A1 FPGA

20,480 programmable elements (each with 8-input LUT-tree, 2x FF/Latches, 2-bit full-adder, or 2×2-bit multiplier)
0.9-1.1V core voltage, 1.2-2.5V I/O voltage
32 dual-port block RAM cells, total: 1,280 Kbit
4 configurable PLLs
2.5 Gbit/s SerDes
all GPIO configurable as single-ended (total 162 signals) or LVDS differential pairs (total 81 pairs)
all GPIO support double data rate (DDR)
324 balls 0.8 mm FPGA package, 15×15 mm


USB-JTAG + USB-SPI configuration interface
2 Pmod-compatible ports
SerDes interface via SMA
6 GPIO banks


64 Mbit Quad-I/O SPI flash @ 80 MHz
64 Mbit HyperRAM @ 166 MHz
the unpopulated footprint for the secondary HyperRAM or HyerFlash module


Powered from USB
adjustable Vcore (0.9-1.1V)


100×160 mm (Eurocard standard)

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